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Bath Junkie Baton Rouge is a custom-blend...

Bath Junkie Baton Rouge is a custom-blend, handmade bath & body boutique located in Baton Rouge for over 17 years.  Our brick & mortar store closed on May 1, 2022, and we have transitioned to an online company. We are available for call-in or website orders.

We are currently updating all of our inventory on our website.  Customer’s profiles are still available by calling us.

We offer over 45 products ranging from bath, body, cleaning and pet products tailored to the customer’s preference. We have a wide selection of products — including paraben-free moisturizers, exfoliating salt scrubs, spa tub-safe bath crystals, alcohol-free body mist, SLS-free shower gel, pet shampoo, home refreshers and much more!

Choose from over 150 different fragrances ranging from buttercream to dirt, yes I said dirt! Combine them to create a one-of-a-kind fragrance that is designed specifically for you by you.  You also get to choose the color you want your product to be…customization domination!

Take an adventure on the website and CREATE your own signature product!



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