Different Strokes

amber: Amber is her own gal! She’s warm, sweet and adds an earthy note to any gathering. Amber is perfectly comfortable being worn alone. However, she loves mingling with others and leaves a trail of mystery upon departure.

agony of da feet: This therapeutic blend pops with peppermint and tingles with tea tree oil. The perfect addition to lotions, bubbling bath crystals, detox rocks or mists when the goal is to soothe sore, tired muscles.

baby powder: A soft, yet true down-to-earth baby powder scent, very nice on its own, but also perfect for blending with other fragrances for added depth, without being overwhelming. Reminiscent of your child’s baby powder scent, bring back those memories with this wonderful customized scent.

bubble gum: Sweet and sugary. just like the big chewy kid’s gum. You know the brand…Rectangle shape….small comic inside.

buttercream: Exactly like the buttercream candies your nana offers in the candy bowl on the coffee table – smooth, creamy and addictive. Best of all, indulging in buttercream will NOT require a dental visit.

butterscotch: Smooth, buttery and rich…smells just like a toffee candy.

cabernet: The sweet aroma of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries and sweet sugary notes. A wonderful aroma of red sweet cabernet wine.

candy cane: A wonderful combination of fresh peppermint and creamy vanilla. Smells just like the real thing! Remember, you can wear the holidays anytime of year!

​caramel: The aroma of your favorite candy filling, creamy and decadent!

chai latte: Not just for sipping anymore. This sip begins with sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg; followed by a body of warm green tea; finished off with a froth of creamy soy milk. Pinkies up!

chardonnay: Ripe fruits, a touch of oak and sparkling, crisp grape, just like the fine white wine.

dirt: Get down and dirty with this scent! One whiff and you will be reminded of fresh, moist mother earth. This scent is often used to mask their human scent by folks who like to go hunting.

dragon’s blood: “Exotic, haunting, and sensual” describe this ancient and mysterious fragrance. It’s a rich, deep and appealing scent boasting earthy notes of amber, nag champa and hints of patchouli. If you love the smell of nag champa; you’ll adore Dragon’s Blood.

fresh: The sweet, simple and old fashioned floral, sweet pea, meets the tart, tangy and modern citrus. They go on a date and let’s just say they get “fresh.”

fresh air: Breathe in and breathe out! This fresh ozonic scent is comprised of citrus, and green top notes. Clouds of watery lily, azalea and a clean uncomplicated musk roll by. Nothing like the great outdoors!

harvest: A wonderful cornucopia filled with autumn’s best offerings. Notes of holiday spiced apples, ripe grapes, bits of cinnamon and nutmeg, mix with a undertone of warm patchouli. Yum!

honey: Fresh from the honeycomb – smells just like the golden syrup. Very sweet with a hint of orange blossoms.

linen: Crisp and clean are the best words to describe this scent. Clean laundry, line-dried sheets, also come to mind. Notes of jasmine, lilac, peony, Egyptian musk and soft vanilla are found in this lovely fragrance.

​mendhi: Rich top notes of the resinous Indian nag champa flower is married with traditional notes of lily of the valley, tea rose, night blooming jasmine, freesia and ylang ylang. This perfect union of an ancient exotic flower and classic floral notes makes for fragrance celebration!

nag champa: Our take on this traditional Indian fragrance is rich in deep, resinous yet sweet, earthy notes. If you are a fan of Sensual, Patchouli, Amber, Dragon’s Blood or Sandalwood; you’ll certainly love nag champa!

oatmeal, milk and honey: This has been one of Bath Junkie’s most popular oils for over 10 years! Clean, sweet, warm floral with hints of nuts and spices and soft vanilla. Try it with mango!

oceania: Aahh…Fresh, ocean air with a whiff of salty air and floral top notes. Very strong and clean.
​sensual: The warming Cinnamon combined with orange, bergamot, musk and vanilla create this comforting blend that helps ease stress and promotes deep relaxation.

silver buttonwood: This fresh, green, fern-like scent mingles with violets, sandalwood, spices and a warm, balsamic musk. It is a soft buttery floral containing some powdery notes. If you want a mellow floral scent; you found it!

snow storm: Play in the snow! Invigorating, green herbal notes tumble with moss, spice and muguet and finally land in a pile of clean musk and romantic sandalwood. The perfect scent to wear when making snow angels.

spring fling: This spring fling has evolved into something more meaningful: a top seller for more than 10 years! This marriage of rich, fruity green florals with citrus highlights, and a sweet vanilla musk, boasts notes of peaches and green apple. And they said it wouldn’t last!

summer sorbet: Crisp and creamy notes of mandarin orange, ripe melon, juicy peach, and fresh strawberry abound. Don’t be surprised when people ask you what scent you are wearing! It’s irresistible.

tobacco: This is a spot-on spin of papa’s pipe! This fragrance catapults vanilla bean and tobacco flower into a warm and woodsy scent that is attractive to both men and women. The perfect scent to wear in the Fall and Winter months or whenever you wish to feel warm and festive. Spicy, thick and rich with a sweet cacao and vanilla base. Sweet, but not too sweet the smoke and herbal facets are both subtle and present.

tropical: Mmm… fruit punch with white florals. Will make you want to put on a lei and dance!

wedding bells: Fruity florals walk down the aisle carrying a bouquet of muguet, freesia, rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. At the altar is a spicy, metro sexual wearing a blend of amber, sandalwood, vetiver and musk. Time for you to catch the bouquet!

woodstock: Our Woodstock stars the jam band Sandalwood and Lily and the amazing duo of Herb and Sage. Playing base is the one and only Woody Amber! Special thanks to Vanilla and Musk for the dueling drums. Peace, man!

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